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Tsunami Sites

Tsunami Sites

Create Viral Content with Images & Post It To Your Site For Getting Automated Social Traffic Monthly..

Well each time I visit Facebook I come across with people sharing all funny and cute stuffs from sites like Buzzfeed and others. Like daily updates we always either ignore these posts or click on it and like it randomly if it’s interesting thus making it viral on Facebook. However, I hardly have realized the fact that how many people use to share all these stuffs and ever clicks on it in one single day! In addition, how much money is earned through this on a monthly basis? You must be amazing to know that sites like Buzzfeed gets monthly 159,000,000 unique visitors and you know 75% of Buzzfeed traffic comes from Facebook. Is the same Facebook that can send you tons of traffic if you have site like Buzzfeed. Now you can also get good amount of Viral traffic from this brilliant plugin called Tsunami sites. So lets see how this will work for you.

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What is Tsunami Site?

Tsunami sites is a proven WordPress plugin that automatically populates your website and then post all the targeted viral content to your site multiple times a day. It is really a wonder software that rub the web for finding the content that are already going viral in all the leading social media sites, sort it by any keyword and post to your site automatically. Here each post is encouraged to have social sharing and be prepared for the best search engine ranking. It just easy selects any niche and the Tsunami Sites will pack your site will full of viral content based on that niche. In this way, every single of your content will encourage your visitor for verbally sharing to all the social media sites. Thus, in this process your site can get millions of valuable traffic just like Buzzfeed etc.

Who’s behind Tsunami Sites?

Brian Koz has been selling online for over 10 years and manages the best internet marketing software development team on the planet.

Shawn Casey has helped over 500,000 customers in 129 countries to unlock the secrets of starting and growing their online businesses. He’s also been responsible for selling millions of dollars for his JV partners and has won countless prizes in launch contests including 5 cars.

Features of Tsunami Sites / How To Make Your Own Viral Site With it…

  • Find articles, videos, stories, pictures that are already going viral.
  • Post that content to a blog and set up each post to so it is quite easy to share what they want to share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • In each post, add links to more of your content so that your visitors remain engaged and keep visiting more pages of your website.
  • Simply kick off the viral sharing by sharing the content by yourself on your business.
  • Therefore, get the heck out of the way so that you never get run over by the tsunami of web visitors

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