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Mints App 2.0 Review

Get The Secret Cloud Software That comes With Self Optimizing & Automated Customer Driven Funnels Which Skyrockets Your Leads & Sales Within Short Time….

Interact with Mints App 2.0 and Discover The New Possibility in Engaging Audience, Converting Leads & Acquiring Customers Using Polls & Customer-Driven Funnels….

Hey guys, are you….

– Looking for a proven way to dominate in your online business?
– Struggling to get your desired leads for your business even after implementing all the probable means?
– Struggling to find a way to convert leads into customers?

Then, you have landed up the very right page here. Well, here one thing you must know that as an Internet Marketer it is very important that you must have a right tool for turning clicks into customers. The online marketing world is simply flooded with all those odd tools that claim to supercharge your conversion level but in reality fail to do so completely which is the main reason that till now many newbie marketers are not able to fetch their desired conversion and leads.

If you’re still using regular (traditional) sales funnels for your marketing then you’re missing out on the biggest revolution that’s happening right now. There’s a new, more interactive and engaging way to acquire leads and sell to your audiences and a software that automates the entire process.

Well, what if…

– You get a tool that helps you to grow your online business regardless what niche you are in?
– A secret tool helps you to skyrocket your lead generation & sales within very short period of time?

Yes now all these will be going to be reality as Mints App 2.0 is that ideal tool specially built for you guys. This proven tool comes with all new possibility that helps you to engage your target audience and get you more customers by converting leads through using polls and customer driven funnels.

Mints App 2.0 comes with 2 major campaign models….

  • Binary Campaigns – It is powered by customer driven funnel technology which is the most needed makeover that come bundled with Mints App 2.0
  • Classic-Mints Campaigns – It is the latest campaign model as it brings the classic polling model with modern design to life and no wonder; it gets lots of results much more than any other models.

So let’s see more details regarding this amazing software through this Mints App 2.0 Review.

Mints App 2.0 allows you to build smart, automated & self-optimizing customer-driven funnels that will allow you attract audiences with polls then engage them to discover exactly what they like then personalize your offer around what they need and
close the sale.

Mints App 2.0 will work for your Blogs, Shopify stores, Fan Pages, Tee Shirt Promo, Local Business, Online Coaching, Landing Pages, Amazon Offers.

With Mints App 2.0 You Can Get Started In Just 3 Steps….

  • Step 1 – Create Your Campaign All Within 5 Seconds
  • Step 2 – Then design and configure it all within 2 minutes
  • Step 3 – Now finally publish and start fetching profits instantly.


Mints App 2.0 Demo Walk-through Video…

Check The Member Area Of Mints App 2.0

This Mints App Campaign Grossed Over 8,600 Audience Interactions…

-:: Check Some Amazing Features Of Mints App 2.0 ::-

  • Get %X More Interaction With New Flagship CDF Designs – If you are looking to get more customer engagement then Mints App 2.0 is your right tool as it comes with multiple CDF design combination. And finally with this new Mints App 2.0 you get new flagship broad CDF design that simply shatters all the records and bring home the bacon for interaction with your target audience.
  • Instant Viral Share and Social Traffic – You can turn Mints App 2.0 into your personal traffic generating machine. As it comes with exclusive customer-driven funnels that will have your audience sharing your content like wildfire.
  • Fully Responsive – Mints App is ready for you to create & track the performance of your campaigns on the go while your audience also view your campaigns and take desired actions on any platform.
  • Pixel-Perfect UI & Cloud-Based – This premier app is professionally designed to give you a pixel perfect user interface so that it is easier to use and being cloud based you never need to install this app anywhere.
  • Engage, Collect more leads – It lets you easily grow your email list with super-charged ready to buy customers every single day using mints app.
  • Attract, Capture & Sell in Minutes – This premier app helps you in boosting your conversion by attracting more customers towards your offer. With this app you will now able to turn all that action sales by offering discounts, coupon codes, running special offers etc. This is perfect for selling eCommerce offers, physical products and for local businesses as well.
  • Let You Get Quick Customer Ratings – Start engaging your audience and find out if they love doing home workouts or dieting to lose weight so you know exactly which of your audience would buy your offers.
  • Get You Star Ratings – Another newly introduced classic that has taken the bilateral interface technology to a whole new level in marketing your products, more importantly pay attention to the new PVA template, it has been fully remodeled.
  • Connect Directly To Your Target Audience With New Voter Authentication Technology – It is the brand new feature which Mints App 2.0 comes with that set it on a whole new level letting to mine more useful data and find your audience in a new light. With this feature you can easily connect with the people who visit your funnel and this new technology used to works through Facebook and Google as well.
  • New Commenting Feature Forces Your Campaigns Getting More Engagement – This premier app comes with a new commenting feature that brings real life to your customer driven funnels and forces your campaign in getting double engagement.
  • Monitor Your Campaign Activities in Real Time – It comes with inbuilt activity stream technology that lets you to monitor the actions of your audience on your campaigns in real time. Thus, now you can engage them even more by instantly contacting them once they take action on your funnel to personally follow up on their choices.
  • Get 7 Million Royalty Free Images – It comes with professional image library with the massive collection of 7 million Royalty Free Images that you can use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Funnel Page Templates – It comes with new funnel page template that help you to make more money that is pre-built with a professional page editor that comes with full customization.
  • Easily Publish to Anywhere in Seconds – Mints App 2.0 comes with four publishing platforms that lets you customer driven funnels extensively. The first being the iframe and script that allows you to embed the funnels on strategic places like your blogs, websites, landing pages, inside your contents, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.


Check Some Real Proof Of Previous Customers Are Getting Results With Mints App

-:: Check Some Cool Benefits Of Mints App 2.0 ::-

– Run eCommerce and Shopify stores
– Promote Affiliate and CPA offers
– Promote your Local Business
– Build digital products business
– Build huge email list
– Engage your blog visitors interactively
– Get more coaching clients on your landing pages

-:: Mints App 2.0 OTO Or Upsells ::-

OTO 1 =) Mints App 2.0 Secret Console Club (Only $67 One Off Fee)

With this upgrade in hand you can drive more traffic to your “Customer-Driven Funnels” & create 10x more audience interaction enabling you to convert all your audience into real buyers and paying customers with Mints App 2.0 right now.

What Are The Top Features of This Upgrade….

=) Now you can build Super-Addictive Collections that drive prospects deeper into your funnels & easily convert audience into buyers in Real Time.

=) You can now setup a collection-based CDF campaign that will find out what kind of dress your audience love, the color they prefer, their dress size, the footwear they want to go with it, their jewellery pick for the dress, the preferred handbag and other accessories such as scarf, glasses etc.

=) Flagship Smart Flow Technology allows you to interact with your audience more intelligently and personalize their experience guaranteeing more engagement and sales.

=) Close High Ticket Sales, Consultation and Coaching Offers over the phone with the New Mint Apps 2.0 feature you’ll find inside the Secret Console Section that will make you super profits.

=) Easily build your list 10x faster and host profitable Webinars using their Dual-Lead Distribution Technology with GoToWebinar Integration.

=) It can automatically redirect your prospects to any page so you can sell More products.

=) You’re getting double Social Traffic and increase your audience with every campaign you run.

Check Some Cool Benefits Of This Upgrade….

=) You can build more engaging funnels & convert audience to buyers using Mints Collections.
=) You can also run more interactive & intelligent campaigns with SmartFlow Technology.
=) Make more money closing high ticket sales over the phone.
=) Run profitable partnerships, webinars & dually distribute your leads.
=) Now you can sell more products and crush affiliate campaigns with personalized redirect.
=) Also you can lazily multiply your traffic instantaneously with Social Media on all campaigns.

OTO 2 =) Mints App 2.0 Performance Package (Only $67 One Off Fee)

Here, the 3 Hidden features inside Mints App 2.0 that will make you more money than anything else you’ve seen today. Also you will learn how you can build high performing campaigns making $30k per month.

What if there was a way to run your campaigns directly on the Mints App platform itself using high converting page templates you know are so engaging and profitable they could literally mint money for you (Yes, embedding the customer-driven funnels on Shopify stores, landing pages, blogs etc. is cool but this is way cooler). This is your unfair advantage to beat your competitors.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting Inside The Performance Package…

  • Beautiful & High Converting Mints Page Templates – With the brand new Page Templates feature, users can now launch campaigns in seconds without needing to paste a single line of code. These templates are designed to put the spotlight on your customer-driven funnels and get the best results possible (much more than anywhere else you’ll publish same campaign).
  • Deep-Avowing Analytics Widgets Platform – This performance platform shows you exactly which audiences are your money makers, which locations are your best converting traffic coming from. With this new feature, you’ll always tailor the best offer to the perfect audience.
  • Language-Defaults Marketing Technology – This feature allows you to take full control of your mints app customer-driven funnels and personalise it even more to resonate with your audience and increase your overall campaign performance.
  • Performance-Driven Technology – You’ll know with 100% certainty which campaign will convert better, also know with 100% certainty which audience is bringing you the profits.

OTO 3 =) Mints App 2.0 Express Profits System (Only $47 One Off Fee)

Get the exact products you can use to build list and sell with Mints App campaigns to make LOTS of profits with ZERO work on your part.

Here, you can access your Done-For-You Package and start building more lists & selling more products with Mints App Customer-Driven Funnels now.

– You don’t have to create the products (we already did that)
– They have created the sales pages so you can start profiting immediately
– Use them as you like with you mints app customer-driven funnel (to give away for free and build list or sell it as full products with/without discount coupon codes).

This Done-For-You mints app business automation covers up to 10 niches that you can tap into right now even if you know nothing about the niche. Everything is already done for you, just copy and paste.

Check Some Benefits & What Are you Getting Here…

– Build your list fast
– Sell products with zero knowledge
– 5 done for you product in 5 niches
– 5 done for you customer-driven funnels in 5 niches

OTO 4 =) Mints App 2.0 Reselling License (Only $197 For Lite Pack)

Start generating recurring income with Mints App 2.0 in short time and collaborate on your projects to create better campaigns seamlessly.

Check What You’re Getting Here…

  • Reseller Licenses – You will get upto 10 license of Mints App 2.0 that you can resell right now to other marketers, colleagues and business owners to make both one-time and monthly recurring income.
  • Commercial License to Rent and Sell Campaigns/Funnels to Clients & Businesses – If you really want to make a lot of money, the secret is in selling campaigns and customer-driven funnels to local businesses and your clients, they always pay high ticket fees for high converting funnels to sell their products. And now, with this special commercial license, you’ll now be to create and rent/sell highly profitable campaigns to local businesses, eCommerce stores, marketers etc. You can create UNLIMITED campaigns for unlimited clients in any niche.
  • Project Collaboration Technology – It is allowing you to share, outsource, team up and effortlessly create better performing campaigns. You’ll now be able to send/accept requests on project collaboration.


Check Some Real Proof Of Previous Customers Are Getting Results With Mints App

Check What Users Are Saying About Mints App 2.0


Well, before wrapping up this review I would like to mention that if you are looking forward to supercharge your conversion and leads then Mints App 2.0 is the ideal solution for you. It helps you to embed your customer driven funnels in anywhere across the web including Blog Posts, eCommerce stores, landing pages, etc. With this app you can better able to connect with your target audience and in the process this will simply boost-up your conversion level.

Check Some Cool Reasons To Buy Mints App 2.0 ….

– It is mobile responsive
– Comes with full campaign performance tracking
– It comes integrated with the industry leading email service providers
– It works for all kinds of languages and countries
– It is fully hosted in the cloud so you never need to download this app anywhere
– You can use this technical skills and no marketing experience required

The best thing regarding this app is that it comes with 30 days money back guarantee that simply zero down all your risk of buying this premier app. Further, it is currently available at an amazing early bird discount offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of Mints App 2.0 right now from this review and start feeling the difference by accelerating your level of conversion.

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