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2017 Traffic & Conversion Summit Notes

Ryan Deiss’s team smuggling out 7, 8 and 9 figure insider secrets that were never meant for the light of day!

When a new marketing technique is discovered – whether it’s a traffic source, a monetization technique, a new communication medium – a countdown begins.

At first the new strategy is wildly effective. For the handful of savvy marketers who get in first, it can literally make their business – going from zero to millions of customers.

But – with each day that passes – new marketers start piling in. The traffic source dries up. The conversion tactic gets stale. The new communication channel is flooded.

Soon you’re seeing a huge dip in performance.

Once the masses have adopted the innovation… it stops working altogether.

AND when do you hear about this “genius” marketing breakthrough? Only after the insiders have milked it for every drop of value – when it no longer works at all.

There’s only one exception to the rule – and it’s thanks to this guy…
The Man Who Lives Ahead Of The Curve

This is Ryan Deiss – Founder and CEO of Digital Marketer. Unless you’ve been living in a Unabomber shack in the woods, he really doesn’t need any introduction.

Ryan and his team are pioneers.

At Digital Marketer, they invest the time and resources to uncover new – highly effective – marketing techniques. They take full advantage of the mass adoption gap.

After spending millions (you read that right) – driving traffic, and converting it into sales and loyal customers over the last twelve months – he’s discovered something.

A Handful Of Expensive Secrets About What Really Works In 2017

Only – Ryan is NOT jealously hoarding his proven strategies, tactics and campaigns. Just like he has every year since 2013 – he’s pulling back the curtain.

In March, He’s Bringing The World’s Smartest Marketers To Traffic & Conversion Summit In San Diego.

What They Reveal Sucks The Air Out Of The Room!

Every single line, from every single speaker is loaded with “never before revealed” insights that will leave everyone in the audience with that exact feeling.

Proven Tips, Tricks & Secrets Based On THOUSANDS Of Tests And HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS In Sales

These are marketers who have generated tens or even hundreds of millions of unique visitors over the last year. Spending millions and millions on paid traffic.

Want to know what’s replacing SEO? They’ll reveal the surprising truth on stage.

The Digital Marketer team alone has developed 126 profitable conversion funnels for their clients and portfolio companies. Not to mention all the A-level guest speakers.

Curious how “Funnel 2.0” is going to take over in 2017? Ryan invented it!

Need to raise $120,000,000 to buy a national brand? Or launch a book with a top 100 celebrity? Or get email feedback from a group that sent 1 BILLION+ last year?

This event is the ONLY place in the world you can get the answers you need.

YES – they’re letting attendees “steal” 4 of their best performing campaigns – with everything from targeting to copy. People will literally earn back their ticket price from the audience.

This tactics really – truly – work right now in YOUR market.

What If You Don’t Have Time To Read ALL Of The Notes?

You don’t have to.

You can quickly and easily search the notes for JUST the info you need.

Want to know how to use Instagram to skyrocket sales?

Jump to that section.

Curious to discover how Youtube ads are taking over your industry?

You’ll know in under 5 minutes.

Many of customers DID attend Traffic & Conversion summit, but they know that owning the notes as a reference is often MORE valuable than trying to remember it all.

Will 2017 Be The Year You Finally Figure Out What’s Really Working?

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