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Instant Video Machine Deluxe

Brand New System Literally Gives You Everything You Need To Be Making Huge Profits From Having Your Own Video Agency In Just 3 Steps?!

Who Are The Creators Of Instant Video Machine Deluxe?

Todd Gross and Matt Bush are the men behind Instant Video Machine Deluxe.

Todd Gross is a well known internet marketer, Video Marketing Expert and a Consultant for CNBC who is the mastermind behind Explaindio, Green Screen Profits, VidNeos, Social Cloud Suite, Virtual Studio Simulator and many more successful digital product launches.


For the past six years Matt Bush has been making a full-time living from local marketing. He is the man behind many successful training courses and software such as Video Sales Machine, Local Themes Pro and others.

What Is The Main Idea Behind Instant Video Machine Deluxe?

As you know video has become the FASTEST and MOST profitable way of selling anything online.

Video services are red hot right now. There are a select few video marketers selling video services and charging their clients anywhere between $499 to $1499 and often more.

You can make huge profits from Creating and Selling video Commercials For Local Businesses.

The problems:

[+] Video Production Services:

  • Finding, developing, scripting and creating professional demo commercials will cost you a lot of money.

[+] Premium Website Development:

  • The cost to develop a premium website complete with the demo videos, that includes the needed features would require an expert programmer as well as marketer.

[+] Training Costs:

  • Once you have all of the other tools in place, you still need to know how to drive business owners into your website, and generate sales from them.

How You Can get your video agency up and running in a matter of minutes so you can start charging a thousand dollars (or more) for each of these high quality commercials?

Here comes Instant Video Machine Deluxe.

So, What Is Instant Video Machine Deluxe?

Instant Video Machine Deluxe is a first of it’s kind “done for you” system that will allow you to have your own video agency complete with your own actors, actresses, incredible animations, and more ((meaning you don’t even have to do the work yourself) by leveraging the power of Fiverr.

“Instant Video Machine Deluxe” is going to give you a pre-built website that will have 25 of amazing videos already installed, so you can just load up the site, and start selling your services to local businesses.

Todd and Matt are also including a detailed training module which will show you how to get out there and start selling commercials (that you can easily make yourself) and make a killing.


=> See The Power Of Instant Video Machine Deluxe In Action <=

How Does Instant Video Machine Deluxe Work?

You Will Follow 3 Simple Steps:

[+] Step#1:

  • Install Your Pre-Built Website (Complete With 25 Stunning Demo Videos) In Less Than 10 Minutes. Installing your pre-built website is as easy as installing a WordPress plugin.

[+] Step#2:

  • Sell The Videos For $1,000 Or More To Eager Business Owners.
  • You will follow the training and get these eye-catching videos in front of business owners to get paid $1,000 and more per video.

[+] Step#3:

  • Head To Fiverr To Have The Original Creator Of The Video Customize It For Pennies On The Dollar.
  • You don’t have to do the actual customization, and you get to pay someone a very low rate. Many of the demos can be customized for as little as five dollars.

For Current Instant Video Machine Members Check The Video Below To See The New Additions To Instant Video Machine Deluxe

Brand New Deluxe Edition Features Twice As Many Videos + Tons Of Special New Features.

Special New Deluxe Edition Includes:


  • Grab Leads With New Lead Magnet & Follow-Up Videos.
  • Appointment Scheduler.
  • Paypal Button Integration.
  • New & Improved Installation Procedure.
  • 50 Demo Videos Total.
  • And More.

What You Will Find Inside Instant Video Machine Deluxe?

[+] 25 Breath-Taking Professional Videos:

==> Module 1: Professional Actors & Actresses:

Featuring Several Trained Professional Actors & Actresses:

Actor 1

Actor 2

Actress 3

  • Separate “Demo” Videos For Each Actor and Actress.
  • Featuring Professionally Trained Actors and Actresses.
  • Each Video Can Be Highly Customized As Each Actor Offers Different Video Backgrounds, Can Be Wearing Alternate Attire, & More.
  • High Definition Video Quality.

==> Module #2: Amazing Animations:

Featuring Several Eye-Catching Sequences:

Example#1: Your Advertisement Around Town

Example#2: Art Gallery Effect

  • Customize Each Video To Promote A Service Or Product.
  • Featuring Amazing Animations And Effects.
  • High Definition Video Quality.

==> Module 3: Local Business Commercials:

Incredible High Definition Commercials Featuring Live Actors And More:

Example#1: Real Estate Agent

Example#2: Dentist

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business.
  • Featuring Live Actors And Compelling Scenes.
  • High Definition Video Quality.
  • 11 Videos Total.

==> Module 4: Sweet Logo Reveals:

These Jaw-Dropping Animations Create An Incredible Reveal Of A Company’s Logo:

Example#1: Crumpled Paper Effect

Example#2: Robotic Hand

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business.
  • Featuring Professional Animations.
  • High Definition Video Quality.

==> Module 5: Eye-Catching Segments:

Stand Out From The Crowd With These Crazy Video Options:

Example#1: Crumpled Paper Effect

Example#2: Walking Cartoon

  • Easily Customize Each Video For A Local Business.
  • Featuring Professional Animations.
  • High Definition Video Quality.

[+] Pre-Built “Premium” Sales Website:

  • Install Your Pre-Built Website (Complete With 25 Stunning Demo Videos) In Less Than 10 Minutes.
  • Installs In Five Minutes (WordPress Plugin).
  • 25 Demo Videos Are Pre-Installed Already.
  • WYSIWYG Interface For Easy Editing And Customizations.
  • Built In Optin Form Collects Email Addresses Of Prospects.
  • Several Robust Features Including A Built-In Video Player, Gallery, Shortcodes, Custom Formatting, & More.
  • Mobile Friendly Design.
  • Security Settings To Keep Your Website Safe From Unwelcome Intrusion.
  • And More.

[+] Step-By-Step Training:

  • Easy Instructions To Get Your Website Up And Running Immediately.
  • How To Cheaply Outsource Video Customization.
  • Watch Me As I Show You How To Find Businesses That Will Be Hungry For Your Videos (And Pay You Generously).
  • Detailed Training On How To Use The “Instant Sales Machine” To Absolutely Crush It Online.
  • And More.

Lead Magnet With Profit Pulling Video Series:

High Quality Follow Up Video Series For Lead Magnet:


==>Anatomy of Video Commercial<==

==>Summary of Video Benefits<==

==>Why Have a Commercial<==

Who is Instant Video Machine Deluxe Aimed At?

  • AFFILIATE Marketers
  • NETWORK Marketers
  • VIDEO Marketers
  • Amazon Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • FACEBOOK Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Bloggers
  • Product Reviewers
  • Online Marketers
  • Offline Marketers

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